Meals for April 30 :: Summer preparations

So, how did everyone do with the 30 day challenge? I was really good (except for my camping trip last weekend). I definitely feel lighter physically and mentally going into May. What habits are you going to continue with? What have you been waiting to reintroduce into your routine? Keeping caffeine out of my diet makes me a better person, but I REALLY missed tamari and maple syrup. They add a lot of depth and diversity to sauces and dressing, and I believe they are part of a healthy diet (in moderation – obvs).

This BEAUTIFUL week of weather hit and we were shirts off in the garden getting sunburns like we’d never been exposed to that burning ball of fire before. This sunny weather has me jonesing for fresh herbs, and lots of spring greens. We’re starting to steer away from the heavy winter vegetables like squash and potatoes and towards asparagus and radish. I always know spring is in full swing when radishes are popping up in the garden.

This week has been inspired by Cookie and Kate. She openly shares her tips for becoming a food blogger, and has been a constant source of inspiration and motivation for me. Her recipes aren’t vegan (they are vegetarian – she uses dairy/eggs ), but she posts many pictures of her adorable dog, so that’s a major bonus. She shares a lot of great recipes (and drool-worthy photos) in her Cookbook Love Real Food: More Than 100 Feel-Good Vegetarian Favorites to Delight the Senses and Nourish the Body. She also posts all of the nutritional information, so recipes are really easy to tweak to get an optimum balance of macronutrients :

  1. Colourful Beet salad with quinoa and edamame. This one features the power couple of green foods: spinach and avocado! Crunchy and creamy. (*nutritional information)
  2. Sweet potato and black bean veggie burgers. With a green bun and a side slaw. Yummy-summery!
  3. Masala Lentil Salad with Cumin roasted carrots. This one came through my inbox and I’ve been dying to try it.
  4. Thai Green Curry with spring vegetables, brown rice, and tofu. I’m not sure what the spring vegetables will be yet. I’m waiting to be inspired when I go to the store, but think asparagus, peas, spinach…(*nutritional information)
  5. West African peanut soup. I always like to do at least 1 soup despite the heat because a) they last best, and b) always freeze well incase you don’t get to it this week. This one has HEAPS of greens in it and manages to pack in 17g of P.B.P (a.k.a. plant based protein).

I’m still trying to find a new balance between working my new job, momming the fam, fitness, and my passion (cooking and curating recipes incase you couldn’t guess), so I apologize for the late post. Please keep sending me feedback on the recipes and posts! I love hearing them all and am grateful you are following along!

Until next week, Eat wild my child.

*I create my own nutritional information if I tweak the recipe. You can see substitutions/modifications in my links if you want to re-create my recipes. No nutritional information = no changes to the recipe.



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