Meals for April 16 :: Whole Bowls Review

So I’m officially over the rain. Not that I was ever really ‘under’ it, but I’ve officially stopped leaving my house. It’s just to much. All I want to do is curl up in my rocking chair by the fire and eat delicious bowls of food that will nourish me through my self-proclaimed-spring-hibernation without ‘storing calories’ as a bear in fall would do.

Enter Allison Day’s Whole Bowls: Complete Gluten Free and Vegetarian Meals to Power Your Day. What I love about this book is that all of her meals are composed of a balanced macronutrient ratio. This means very little editing to recipes for me, and very easy for you to tweak if you have specific macronutrient goals. Allison is also one of my favourite food stylists. Her photos are so beautiful. You can also find her on her blog Yummy Beet. There are honestly UNLIMITED amazing looking recipes on her blog, but I was just really feeling hardcover this week, so all of these recipes were from her cookbook:

  1. South of the border bowls with walnut ‘meat’ avocado, and fresh salsa. This sneaky bowl uses ground up walnuts and spices to give a meat-like texture/flavour to this dish. BONUS: Walnuts also promote brain health, and satiety with their high ratios of Omegas. (nutritional info)
  2. Green bean and asparagus garden salad with millet and a coconut dressing. Spring is JUST around the corner. I can FEEL it. So I’m celebrating with spring veggies. (nutritional info)
  3. Bohemian Bowls with chili roast squash, spring sprouts, garbanzos, quinoa and tahini dressing. I’m always on the search for the *best* tahini dressing. This one adds nutritional yeast giving a boost of B12, which can effect mood and energy levels. (nutritional info)
  4. Banquet bowls with cauliflower hazelnut pilaf and red lentil dhal. (nutritional info)
  5. Tuscan kale and Romano stew. Heat this up and let the delicious smell of thyme and tomatoes warm you inside and out. (nutritional info)

I’ve also started working with Buddha-Full, a local Vegan and Health food cafe here in North Vancouver. Trying to find time to work, cook, parent, and get my daily endorphins has been a real struggle. I know I will find balance, but until then I will be really focusing on what is going in my body.

Until next week,

Eat Wild My Child – real food made with love and plants



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  1. Suzan says:

    Love this book, lots of combinations that really work!


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