Meals for April 9 :: Inspired by Michael

A lot of people ask me if my husband eats the food I cook, and the answer is *mostly* yes. He is gone long days, and usually packs lunch AND dinner. I need to make sure what I make for him is extra special so he isn’t tempted by fast food burgers (but it still happens). So this week I let Mike pick the meals. Of course he wanted the Thai Peanut Buckwheat Noodle bowl, but that recipe has maple in the sauce which is a ‘no-no’ on our 30 days to healthy living. Don’t worry all you asian food lovers – it is already on the draft for the first week in May.

So for now, we will go with these 5 deliciously-clean meals to power you through week 2 of uber-healthy eating:

  1. Italian chopped salad bowl with chickpeas, quinoa and creamy vegan Italian dressing. Picture crisp romaine, peppers, radish and cucumbers, with lots of fresh herbs.
  2. Mediterranean falafel and hummus bowl. Baked falafels and greek kale salad with a hummus-y dressing.falafel hummus bowl
  3. Eggroll in a bow. ALL the sautéed veggies with a soy-free sauce. This one was adapted from Her recipes align really well with the 30 day challenge. Her cookbook Everyday Detox is my definitive source for all guilt-free sweets. egg-roll-in-a-bowl-recipe
  4. My favourite coconut curried carrot and lentil soup. This is a favourite soup for MY WHOLE FAMILY. They eat buckets of it. On rice, on salad, with their hands in Rowen’s case…The possibilities with this are endless. This would be a really good one to make a big batch of and freeze (I’m thinking about offering this option more often – Should I?  Let me know!)
  5. Vegan 3 bean chili with cashew cheese. Im pretty sure Mike just likes this because I put cashew cheese on it, but I’m ok with that. Honestly, it my favourite part too.

As always, any feedback on food, recipes, or even the blog is much loved and appreciated!

Until next week,

Eat Wild My Child


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