March 2nd :: Starting Fresh

It’s been a minute. I know we all have lives and get busy, but I really dropped the ball for a while there. We were so busy adventuring across the continent, moving then adventuring some more I lost track of how much doing this lights my fire.  I know I am meant to nurture folks like you through food and witty one liners, but it is easy to lose sight of in that in the day-to-day hustle.

So, here I was in the middle of Baja California living my #bestlife and was super inspired to recreate this food-community! Now that we’re officially settled into life in Victoria, Corbin is in school, Rowen in pre-school full time and my husband is away 2/3 weeks I have found the time and energy to make Eat Wild My Child a priority again! *Cheers*.  I’ve decided to pare it back from 5 to 4 meals a week. Let’s face it – we’re eating out or leftovers or Annie’s at least once during the week. Am I right? And for the weekend? You are adults – you’re on your own 😉

I’ve gone back to some of my fave meals that are super healthy, spring inspired (‘cuz haaaaay there sunshine I feel you), and VERY well tried and tested. Going forward I promise to:

a) provide you with inspiration for healthy meals *pretty much* every week

b) Give you an opportunity to purchase individual meals and snacks the will help you reach your health goals

c) not be hard on myself if I miss a week, month, year, whatevs I need to stay sane. and hopefully inspire you to be a little more creative in the kitchen and a little easier on yourself too.

With our further ado, Here are the meals for the next week:

  1. Thai Peanut Empowered Noodle Bowl: Buckwheat soba noodles, lots of fresh veggies, all covered in an almond butter sauce – This one is probably my #1 more requested meal. Even with my family.  It’s from the Oh She Glows Cookbook. If you’ve been to my house for dinner, you’ve had it.
  2. Protein Power Goddess Bowl:
  3. Metabolism-Revving Spicy Cabbage Soup: Hangs down my favourite soup of all time. Especially served with homemade Seedy crackers, and topped with Cashew Cream. This one is from Oh She Glows Everyday. Angela Liddon is a goddess and I cannot wait for her next cookbook.
  4. Mediterranean Falafel Bowl: fresh greens, parsley lots of olives and veggies topped wth baked falafels, hummus and tahini sauce.  From Minimalist Baker who is my go to for easy, comforting meals and baking.


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  1. Memah says:

    Well its about time! miss your humour, thanks for inspiring me!


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