Meals for Jan 29-Feb 4

Happy Thursday Everyone! I’ve been overwhelmed by how much love and support I’ve been getting from everyone who has signed up for my meals, and continue to hear your feedback and make changes every week. I encourage you all to make requests of me and tell me what works and doesn’t work for you! I will happily adjust to accommodate likes/dislikes, spice tolerances, and caloric needs! I just want you all to be happy.

I’ve been very inspired by Dana the Minimalist Baker’s recipes this week. Something about hearty salads and bowls that are substantial enough to get me through cold wet rainy days, yet light enough that I feel full of energy when I scarf them down. If you were ever looking for good vegan blogger to get you started on a road to a healthier lifestyle I highly recommend her blog and her cookbook.

This weeks recipes include:

Quinoa Gado-Gado *photo from

1)Quinoa gado-gado (<== pictured)

2) Mediterranean falafel bowl

3) Tempeh burrito bowl

4) Roasted rainbow vegetable bowl

5) Meli’s favourite cabbage & red lentil soup




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