March 16th meals :: Time Change?!?

Man, this time change has me dragging my a**. I GENERALLY drink decaf coffee. I love the smell, ritual, taste, everything about coffee, but I can’t handle the caffeine anymore. It interferes with my ability to be a sane and rational parent. Something had to give – either caffeine, or my kids – so I took the easy route and gave up caffeine two years ago. It was a tough decision. But this week my friends, I had half a cup of coffee. I was running up and down stairs, my heart was racing, I was talking a mile a minute, and I thought I was on top the world. Then I left work to pick up the kids….

So I have been feeling very ‘F.U. time change’ this week. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the extra daylight in the evening. What I do not love is the struggle to get out of bed in the morning, the struggle to get THE BOYS out of bed in the morning, and when bedtime rolls around – ANARCHY. I love those adorable little demons, but trying to get them to bed at a decent hour has been a struggle. My normal bribery/threat tactics seem insufficient so I have resorted to closing all doors, turning out all lights and joining them for 8:30 bedtime. Don’t pretend you’re not jealous. I’m hoping that by Friday I feel like a normal productive member of society again. Until then you’ll find me in my bed reading cookbooks and scribbling notes in my recipe book.

How are you coping with the time change? Any tips to help me slog my way through the rest of the week?

For next week, I wanted to focus on really bright spring-ey meals to fuel the me. Pinch of Yum inspired me a lot this week. Her blog is so light and airy, and FILLED with the most beautiful photos. I’m a sucker for a meal in a bowl or any sort of one dish meal, and she serves up a TON. Not strictly plant based, but everything is adaptable I’m really excited about this week’s menu. I hope you are too!

  1. Spring Roll Bowls from Pinch of Yum – Rice noodles, lots of veggies, and a garlic lime sauce.
  2. Southwest Quinoa power bowl – Black beans, sweet potato, Avocado, Veggies, and quinoa with a coconut honey lime dressing
  3. Green Goddess Nourish Bowls – Spinach, parsley, sprouts, cabbage, almonds and sesame seeds with a Green Goddess Dressing
  4. – Warm, coconutty, brothy goodness. Did I mention coconut?

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