Meals for March 19 :: New home for EWMC

So its official! We are moving … In two weeks.

We found a new home on the North Shore, and although it is 2x as much as we are currently paying (we’ve basically been paid to live in our current home), we will actually have a yard! Somewhere for the kids and dogs to run wild, and (maybe more importantly) somewhere for me to grow fresh herbs and veggies again! So you can look forward to those as we move toward spring/summer.

This weeks meals are inspired by another blogger I follow: Feasting At Home. Not all of the recipes are vegan, but most are vegan-adaptable, and her photography is to die for. A lot of the recipes have been heavily adapted to meet my criteria for ingredients and/or nutrients, but browse her sight and feel inspired folks!

  1. Vegan poke bowl with marinated tofu, brown rice and sesame dressing: This was the recipe that inspired me to want to feature Feasting at home. So beautiful! (397cals, 20g fat, 51g carbs, 20g protein, 7g fibre, 5g sugar)
  2. Lentil salad with wilted chard, roast beets, and cashew cheese crumbles: This would be nice eaten work or cold. (350cals, 14g fat, 44g carbs, 17g protein, 14g fibre, 11g sugar)
  3. Spiced pomegranate, quinoa, almond and kale salad: Eat cold or at room temperature is OK too. (392cals, 25g fat, 33g carbs, 13g protein, 9g fibre, 6g sugar)
  4. Black bean fajita bowl with cauliflower rice: can be heated up if you want. (382cals, 19g fat, 45g carbs, 20g protein, 7g fibre, 6g sugar)
  5. (milder) Vegan Chili with cashew sour cream: This is a different recipe from a few weeks ago, so don’t be scared. Heat this one up, cashew sour cream and all. (366cals, 12g fat, 52g carbs, 17g protein, 15g fibre, 12g sugar)

Thanks again for all your love and support folks and until next week

Eat Wild, My Child!


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