Meals for Feb 26 :: Crossfit open kickoff!

I started crossfit about a year and a half ago, and not only have I gotten stronger, faster, and more mentally stable (three cheers for free childminding), I also have developed new relationships that will last a lifetime. The crossfit open is the time of year where we cheer each other on with even MORE high fives and “you’re a beast” declarations than usual. This week’s meals were picked to aid recovery with lots of plant-based-proteins and fuel us through our workouts with a variety high quality whole grains. Good luck to all my fellow competitors this week, and I can’t wait to see you all SHATTER your personal records.

  1. Roasted Sweet potato and quinoa salad (adapted from ‘Nourished – the Blog‘) *nutritional info
  2. Egg roll in a bowl (adapted from ‘Detoxinista‘) *nutritional info
  3. Thai Tempeh Buddha bowl (adapted from Fit Mitten Kitchen) *nutritional Info
  4. Sweet and sour chickpeas (adapted from Emilie Eats) *nutritional Info
  5. Hearty Vegan Chili  (recipe from One Green Planet)



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